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Friends of Rick Daniels

Rick Daniels was born and raised in Washington, DC. He is the author of several children’s books and the spokesperson of our organization: Friends of Rick Daniels. Rick believes life always gives you chances to make new friends.

In 1955, at age five, he contracted lead poisoning and it slowed down his ability to learn. All through his life he was bullied because he did not read or write well.

As an adult, he decided his mission is to help young children that suffer from bullying. With his first book “Little Remy” and his anti-bullying campaign, he goes to schools to share his story in hopes to help young children identify and report bullying. 

In 2007, Rick was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Polycythemia Vera. His condition inspired him to bring awareness about childhood cancer and to show support to the children and their families.

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Our Mission

Through our books, events, and programs, we plan to change the lives of children by educating, bringing joy, raising awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to stop bullying and help researchers find a cure for childhood cancer

Books! Let’s Read!

Some of Our Services


Little Remy

My Little Remy book series and our in-school visits explore the world of bullying. Also, we give young children the tools they need to survive in a world of bullies at the same time teaching them to show love and kindness, not hate




 Ike & Mike

My Ike & Mike series of books teaches young children how to spell, sound-out words, match colors, count and so much more






Noah & Saby Magical

Storybook Adventure

My Noah & Saby book series is a winner in raising awareness about childhood cancer





Ike and Mike Puppet Show

Our Ike & Mike Puppet show has been entertaining and bringing joy to our little ones for over two years. Our puppet show is based on my book series titled “Ike & Mike Magical Storybook Adventure” 





Ike and Mike


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